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Discipleship Devotional Study Guide- God's Word - Psalm 119:24 - My Counselors - Growing As Disciples

Discipleship Devotional Study Guide – God’s Word – Psalm 119:24 – My Counselors – Growing As Disciples

Your statutes are my delight; they are my counselors.  Psalm 119:24 (NIV)

Wise Counsel

Where do you go when you have a difficult decision to make? What do you rely on when you need wise counsel? Who do you turn to when you are not sure of your direction in life? Do you rely on yourself? Are you one who needs no wise counsel? Do you have an answer for every question? Do you have a solution for every problem? Are you one who never asks for directions no matter how uncertain or lost you may be? Asking for help has not come easy to me. Often times, I have tried to figure things out on my own without asking for help or seeking wise counsel. How has that worked out for you? Trying to figure things out on my own has not usually worked out so well for me. How so? Relying solely on myself has led to some very poor and costly decisions. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and suffered as a result. I’ve noticed. You may have also noticed one of my other failed strategies. I was waiting for you to mention it. Here goes. I have also sought an overabundance of counsel until I finally liked what I heard. How has that worked out for you? That hasn’t worked out so well either. Tell me about that. The world is filled with many so-called experts that are more than willing to offer their so-called wise counsel. In many cases their so-called wise counsel stands in direction opposition to your will and your ways. I’m sure that my following their worldly counsel has not been pleasing to you. You’re right about that.

What have you learned through all your mistakes? I have learned to seek your counsel. I have learned to come to ask for your help. I have learned to come to meet with you in your word to receive all the wise counsel that I will need in life. It is now my joy and delight to hear you speaking to me through your word. I now know that I can trust every word that you have to say to me. You are my source of wise counsel. You are my direction in life. You will guard and guide my life with your word. You will counsel me with your word. Your word stands far above any counsel that the world could ever offer me. What else have you learned? I have also learned to adjust my thinking and change my opinions whenever they are not in alignment with your word. The world and all its opinions, values and principles now mean nothing to me. Now your word means everything to me. I know that you will use your word to adjust my thinking and change my opinions. You will help me to think your thoughts, know your will and walk in your ways. Yes, I will.

Lord, there are many so-called sources of wise counsel in this world. I could run around and seek counsel from each one of them until I liked what I heard. Instead it is my joy and delight to come to you to receive wise counsel from your word. Amen

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