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Discipleship Study - Love - Isaiah 49:15 - Not Forget You - Growing As Disciples

Discipleship Study – Love – Isaiah 49:15 – Not Forget You – Growing As Disciples

“Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you! Isaiah 49:15 (NIV)


That’s a really unlikely scenario, a mother forgetting her nursing baby. It’s even more unlikely that I will ever forget you. The problem of remembering and not forgetting is not my problem. What do you mean by that? I will never forget you; there is no question about that. There are really two questions that you should consider. What are they?

The first question is, will you remember me? How could I ever forget you? That’s a good question for you to ask yourself. But, since you asked me I will ask you a few follow up questions. All right, go ahead. Has your life ever gotten so busy that you have forgotten me? What do you mean by “forgotten you”? Think about that question. Isn’t living your life as if I didn’t exist a form of forgetting me? Yes, I suppose that it is. Have you ever done that? Yes, many times. I have failed to seek your council. I have failed to ask for your help? I have charged straight ahead and relied on my own resources. How has that worked out for you? Not very well at all. So, what have you thought when things haven’t gone so well for you? It’s an embarrassing question isn’t it? Yes, it is. Lets hear the answer. I’ve wondered if you have forgotten me. That would sound funny if it weren’t so sad. That’s right. Let’s recap this for a second. You have forgotten me and raced ahead without me. Yes. Then when things haven’t gone according to your plan and in your failed efforts you have wondered if I have forgotten you, is that correct? Yes, it is, I am sorry to say. Well, I have not forgotten you, that’s for sure. Let me ask you the second question that I have in mind. Go ahead.

The second question is, how will you remember me? That’s a very important question. Yes, it is and why do you think so? I have had a tendency to forget you. Yes, you have. Do you have any plan in mind to change that? I’m not sure. Would you like me to ask you a couple more follow up questions? Yes, I would. When have you been most reminded that I am with you to help you? When I have met with you in prayer I have been reminded that you are with me to help me. When else? When I have met you in your word, and worshipped you together with other believers I have always been reminded that you are with me to help me. So lets recap this for a second. When you have taken time to pray, study my word, and worship me together with other believers you have been reminded that I will never forget you. Yes, that’s right. In those moments you have known for certain that I am with you to help you, is that right? Yes, that’s right. Do you want to be more or less certain that I am with you to help you? Do you want to be more or less certain that I will never forget you? I want more of both, please! That’s what I thought. So, I will spend more time with you to remember that you will never forget me and that you are always with me to help me. Good idea.

Heavenly Father, thank you that you are with me through all the twists and turns and ups and downs of life. I am not on my own. You have not forgotten me. You hear my voice and know who I am when I cry out to you. You are willing and able to help me. Amen

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