Wants To Be First

Discipleship Study - If - Mark 9:33-37 - Wants To Be First- Growing As Disciples

Discipleship Study – If – Mark 9:33-37 – Wants To Be First- Growing As Disciples

They came to Capernaum. When he was in the house, he asked them, “What were you arguing about on the road?” But they kept quiet because on the way they had argued about who was the greatest. Sitting down, Jesus called the Twelve and said, “If anyone wants to be first, he must be the very last, and the servant of all.” He took a little child and had him stand among them. Taking him in his arms, he said to them, “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.”  Mark 9:33-37 (NIV)

Servant Of All 

Do you want me to do great things in and through your life? I’m glad that you did ask me if I wanted to be great. Why is that? The desire to be great seems so prideful, selfish and sinful. Say more. I don’t want greatness for myself to be a driver in my life. In answer to your question, I do want you to do great things in and through my life. I don’t want to be a failure that’s for sure. I don’t care if I ever receive recognition from others for what I have done. It won’t bother me one bit if my efforts go unnoticed. I doubt that. Let me clarify. I do want you to notice my efforts. Why is that? I want to do what pleases you. I want my life to be well used for your kingdom. I do want to bring glory to your name. I do want you to be noticed. I want others to be drawn to you through the work that you have given me to do for you. So you are right. I don’t want my efforts to go unnoticed. I won’t mind if I go unnoticed. I can believe that. We both know why that is true. Yes, we do. Tell me what you know. Whatever I do for you, no matter how small, will be noticed by you. Yes, that is right. That is why I will never need to give receiving credit, for something I have done, a second of thought. That is also right. 

So, what attitude will carry through life as you follow me? I will be your servant. You will be my role model. I want to become like you. I want to give like you gave. I want to serve like you served. I want to live like you lived. I will go out of my way to serve others. I will look out for the interests of others. I will think about what others need. I will have a willing heart and open hand to meet the needs of those around me. I will allow you to use me however you desire. That will be very good.

Lord, I do want you to do great things in and through my life. Not for my own praise, honor and glory. I want to be used by you. Help me to use all you have given me to serve others. I want to become, a servant of all, for you. Amen

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