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Discipleship Devotional Study Guide - God's Word - Hebrews 13:7 - Spoke The Word - Growing As Disciples

Discipleship Devotionals Study Guide – God’s Word – Hebrews 13:7 – Spoke The Word – Growing As Disciples

Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith. Hebrews 13:7 (NIV) 

Hear And Speak

I am taking time right now to remember my leaders. That’s good. I have a lot to consider. I have much to remember. I have abundant reasons to give thanks and praise to you for the many faithful leaders you have brought into my life. Yes, you do. They have taken time to hear your word.  They have allowed your word to dwell in them richly. They have meditated on your word day and night. They have memorized your word. They have prayed your word. They have claimed your word. They have known the truth of your word. In every way, they have taken hold of your word as they allowed it to take hold of them. They have had hearts that were changed by your word. They have had minds that were transformed by your word. They have had lives that have been guided by your word. Your word has filled them with passion. Your word has sent them on a mission. Guidance from your word brought them to me. You gave them your word and they spoke it into my life. For that I am eternally grateful. That’s good. I would not be the person that I am today had your faithful followers not taken up your call to both hear and speak your word. That’s true. They heard your word and they spoke it to me. Yes, they did.

You are remembering. You are reflecting. You are taking a long look back at the people that I have used in your life. Yes, I am. You don’t do this very often. Should I do this more often? What do you think? Yes, I need to remember and reflect more on your activity in my life. There are a lot of lessons from the past that will guide my future. That’s right. What lessons are you learning right now? That is a very good question. I want to imitate the lives of your faithful followers that have gone before me. What do you mean by that? I want to do what they did. I want to imitate their lives. I want to hear your word just like they heard your word. I want your word to change my heart, transform my mind, and guide my life. I want to take hold of your word as I allow it to take hold of me. That’s very good. What else? I want to faithfully and boldly speak your word into the lives of others. Your word is not meant to bless just me. Your word that is blessing me is meant to be a blessing to others. That’s right. Someday, I would like it if others were to imitate my life. I would like to be an example for them of someone who faithfully heard and boldly spoke your word. That will be very good. Someday, others will want to imitate the life that you have lived as one of my followers. Keep hearing and speaking my word. Yes Lord, I will. 

Lord, I have had many faithful leaders who have made every effort to hear and speak your word to others. I am joyfully remembering them. I would like to imitate their faithful lives. I want to clearly hear your word so I can faithfully and boldly speak it to others. Amen

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