Do Not Be Proud

Discipleship Devotional Study Guide – Becoming Like Christ – Day 2 -Romans 12:16 – Do Not Be Proud – Growing As Disciples

Live in harmony with one another. Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position. Do not be conceited. Romans 12:16 (NIV)

 Associate With Others 

I want to follow your example. I want to imitate your behavior. I want to do what you did. What did I do? What do you have on your heart and in your mind? You need to be a little more specific. I want to associate with others. I don’t want to associate with only those who are like me. I want to associate with those who are quite different than me. I want to live in relationship with a wide diversity of different kinds of people. Why is that? First of all, that is what you did. You lived in relationships with a wide diversity of kinds of people. Yes, I did. No one was beyond your love. You did not exclude anyone from your life. No, I did not. Secondly, I want to acknowledge a couple things. Like what? I don’t “know it all”. I don’t want to pridefully live as if I “know it all.” I can greatly benefit by the thoughts and opinions and perspectives of different kinds of people,  I should not be in the habit of excluding others from my life. No, you should not. I have a lot to learn. I can certainly benefit by allowing wise people to speak into my life. Yes, you can. What else do you want to acknowledge? I am not better than others. I am not above others. There is no one that is unworthy of my time. There is no one that is unworthy of my love. There is no one that is unworthy of my help. Why can you say that? I can say that because I know that you loved and gave your life for others. You lived and died for everyone. There is no one that has been excluded from your kindness, mercy and love. There is no one that has not been offered your salvation. You came into this world and took on the form of a servant. You let go of all of your rights and privileges. You counted others as better than yourself. You lived and died for everyone. Yes, I did.

That is what I want. I want to live like you lived. I want to give like you gave. I want to love like you loved. I want to serve like you served. For me to live in this way there will be no room for pride. There will be no room for conceit. There will be no room for disunity. No, there will not be room for any of these things. It is my prayer that you will make me to be  like you. Help me to be able to take on the form of a servant. Free me from pride and conceit. Help me to be willing to humbly associate with everyone. Bring a diversity of different types of people into my life. Help me to live as your servant in the world. Yes, I will. You can count on it. 

Lord, I have been proud. I have had a “know it all” attitude. I have thought I was better and wiser than others. Forgive me. Help me to follow your example. Help me to humbly live in relationship with others different than myself. Help me to fully serve others. Amen

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