God Intended It For Good

Discipleship Devotional Study Guide - Becoming Like Christ - Day 241 - Genesis 50:19-21 - God Intended It For Good - Growing As Disciples

Discipleship Devotional Study Guide – Becoming Like Christ – Day 241 – Genesis 50:19-21 – God Intended It For Good – Growing As Disciples

But Joseph said to them, “Don’t be afraid. Am I in the place of God? You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. So then, don’t be afraid. I will provide for you and your children.” And he reassured them and spoke kindly to them. Genesis 50:19-21 (NIV)

Unique Position

Here I am. I’m right here. I could have never predicted that I would end up in this place. My life has taken so many twists and turns and up and downs to arrive in this unique position. Do you have any comments to make? Not at the moment, right now, I’m enjoying listening to what you have to say. I will continue then. That will be very good. For a very long time I could not figure out what was going on in my life. How so? My course had changed and not entirely by own choosing or liking. I particularly did not like the bumps and bruises I experienced along the way. My attitude was not always positive and pleasant. That sounds like an understatement to me. I suppose so. I was crabby, wasn’t I? That’s true. I don’t like to be uncomfortable. I don’t like to be inconvenienced. I particularly don’t like to be misused, abused or mistreated. How about undervalued? Yes, I especially don’t like that much either. Another understatement. That’s for sure. Anyhow, in all of these twists and turns and ups and downs in my life it was hard for me to recognize when and where and how you were working in my life. Sometimes, I may have doubted that you actually were working in my life. I don’t know if I did or not. I will tell you one thing for certain. What’s that? My faith wasn’t strong. I was filled with doubt. I felt a little like Joseph must have felt. How is that? He had one setback after another. He was misused, abused and mistreated. He was certainly undervalued. He was literally in a dungeon of darkness. His dreams must have seemed like a distant memory. He must have asked, “Why me?” He must have wondered what he did to deserve what He was going through. There is no record of him thinking or speaking in these ways. I’ll bet he did on occasion. Maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong. There is one point of which I am absolutely certain. What’s that? At some point he recognized that your hand was on him. He came to know that all the adversity he had gone through had not gone to waste. He came to understand that you had been preparing and placing him in a unique position to serve you. Have you come to realize these things for yourself? Yes, I know that your hand is on me. You want to use me. You have been preparing and placing me in a unique position to serve you. I could not have arrived where I am today without traveling the course you have laid out for me. Looking back over my life I can see that you have never left me. You have always been with me to help me. You held on to me. You helped me to hold on to you. Yes, I have done all of these things for you. Now, I have only a couple of things to say. What’s that? Thank you, for how you have been working in and through my life. Use me to accomplish your purposes and fulfill your plans. Yes, I have. Yes, I am. Yes, I will. Thank you, Heavenly Father. 

Heavenly Father, sometimes I have not understood what was going on in my life. I wondered where and how you were working in and through me. Thank you, for helping to look back over time to understand how you have uniquely placed me to be used by you. Amen

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