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Discipleship Devotional Study Guide - Promises - Day 36 - Ephesians 3:20-21 - Do Immeasurably More - Growing As Disciples

Discipleship Devotional Study Guide – Promises – Day 36 – Ephesians 3:20-21 – Do Immeasurably More – Growing As Disciples

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen. Ephesians 3:20-21 (NIV) 

Imagine That?

I have no doubt about that. You have no doubt about what? You have done in, for, and through me what I could have never thought of, or even imagined. Not in a million years could I have dreamed of being where my life is today. Where is your life today? My life is right here with you. I delight to be in your presence. I want to draw near to you. You have my full attention. My heart and mind and life are focused on you. I want to know you. It is my joy to think and speak and act in ways that please you. I want to accomplish your purposes and fulfill your plans. I want to go where you guide me. I want to do whatever you ask of me. Could I have pictured myself as one of your followers? Could I have dreamed up the desire to be fully devoted to loving and following and serving you? Would your plans ever be more important than my plans?  Not, a chance. But that’s what I want. That is who I am. I am your child. I am your follower. You are my Savior and Lord. You are my God and King. You turned my life around. You changed my direction. You altered my course. There is no doubt that you have been at work in me. You have been molding and shaping my life. I am the work of your hands. You are making me into your masterpiece. Now, I want what you want. Yes, that is exactly the work I am doing in you, for you, and through you.

Do you have any idea of what I will do in you, for you, and through you, in the future? Do I have any idea of what I might look like in the future? Yes, you could rephrase my question in that way. Generally, yes, specifically no. That is an interesting answer, can you say more? Generally, I know that you will be making me to be more and more like you. You will help me to think your thoughts, speak your words and do your deeds. You will help me to know and do your will. Others will be drawn to you, because they will see you living and shining brightly through me. You want me to be a bold and bright witness for you in the world. Yes, I do. Is this what you want? Yes, it is. You have no idea of what I will specifically do in, and for, and through you? No, I do not. I do know one thing, however. What’s that? You will do in, and for, and through me, what I could never ask for, think or dream of, or even imagine. Why is that? Your thoughts and plans and ways, are far higher and far better than mine. Yes, they are. For that, I am grateful and thankful. That is very good.

Lord, thank you for working in, for, and through me. You have done far more than I could have ever asked for, thought or dreamed of, or even imagined. I have learned a lesson. I will no longer be timid, or reluctant to ask you to work in, for, or through me. Amen

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