Who Gives Me Strength

Discipleship Devotional Study Guide - Promises - Day 94 - Philippians 4:13 - Who Gives Me Strength - Growing As Disciples

Discipleship Devotional Study Guide – Promises – Day 94 – Philippians 4:13 – Who Gives Me Strength – Growing As Disciples

I can do everything through him who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13 (NIV)

His Strength

How do you feel right now? I’m really tired. I feel worn out and discouraged. I’m not sure that I can keep doing the work that you have given me to do. I don’t have the strength. That’s very good. Very good, why is that good? What will you do because you don’t have the strength to continue? I’m not sure. Will you quit and give up? No, I’m certainly not going to give up. I have come this far with you already. There is no turning back. There is no giving up. So, what will you do? I will do what I have done hundreds maybe thousands of times before. What’s that? I will cry out to you and ask you for your strength. That sounds good. How has that worked for you in the past? You have never let me down. You have always met me in my weakness. In my weakness you have always shown me your strength. Yes, I have. Why then did you have a moment of hesitation about what you might do now in your present weariness, discouragement and weakness? I’m not sure. I know that I have been slow to learn. I know that I have had a tendency to forget the lessons you have taught me. Yes, that’s true.

What lesson do you think I would like you to learn and never forget? You want me to always rely on you for your strength. You want me to allow your power and strength to work in and through me. Yes, I do. What won’t happen if you rely on my strength? I won’t get so discouraged, weary and worn out. No, you won’t. Don’t think that you will never get tired. You will. Don’t think that you won’t ever be discouraged. You will. But you will not experience the same crushing weariness and complete discouragement that you now feel.

What do you think I want you to know and feel when you rely on my strength? You want me to know that you are working in and through my life. You want me to know that I am being used for your kingdom and your glory. You want me to know that you are bearing an abundance of fruit through my life. You want me to feel joy and satisfaction in knowing that I am doing what you have asked me to do for you. You want me to feel peace and rest in the midst of hard work in the knowledge that I am being used by you. Yes, I do.

How do you feel right now? Weariness and discouragement have left me. I feel revived in my heart and mind and soul. Have you taken a nap since we began our conversation? No, you know that I haven’t. Why are you now revived? In your presence I have been revived. I fell your encouragement, power and strength. Will you go on? Will you continue to serve me? Yes Lord, it is my joy to serve you.

Once again you have learned a valuable lesson. Yes Lord, you have taught me another lesson. Tell me what you have learned. I have learned again that I can come to you. You will revive me. You will strengthen me. You will encourage me. You will lift me up. You will help me to keep following and serving you. Yes, I will.

Lord, there have been many times I have felt unable to do what you have given me to do. My weakness has caused me to come to ask for your strength. You have taught me to rely on you. Thank you for giving me your strength and helping me to do all things. Amen

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