You Answered Me

Discipleship Devotional Study Guide - Promises - Day 215 - Psalm 138:3-6 - You Answered Me - Growing As Disciples

Discipleship Devotional Study Guide – Promises – Day 215 – Psalm 138:3-6 – You Answered Me – Growing As Disciples

When I called, you answered me; you made me bold and stouthearted. May all the kings of the earth praise you, O LORD, when they hear the words of your mouth. May they sing of the ways of the LORD, for the glory of the LORD is great. Though the LORD is on high, he looks upon the lowly, but the proud he knows from afar.  Psalm 138:3-6 (NIV)

When I Called

Will you come and cry out to me? Will you ask me for all that you need? Why would I not come and cry out to you? Why would I fail to ask you for all that I need? That’s a very good question that you need to think about long and hard. Why is that? Haven’t you been reluctant to come and ask me for all that you need? Yes, that is true. Do you have any thoughts on the subject? There are a variety of possible reasons why I have not come and asked you for all that I need. Let me hear them. I’m not saying that I have any good reasons. I understand. Some of my reasons are so bad that I don’t really want to repeat them out loud. Go ahead anyway. I have not always come and asked for your help because my pride has told me that I don’t need your help. I have foolishly thought that I could rely on myself to handle all of my problems. How has that worked out for you? Without your help I have been weak and faint hearted in many of my efforts. I have been unable to accomplish all that you have given me to do for you. There is a reason for that. What’s that? It is my plan that you will rely on me to accomplish what I have given you to do in life. There is no way that you will ever feel strong and bold and confident without me. Would it serve you well if I allowed you to live your life confidently and boldly without me? No, it would not. Your weakness is meant to cause you to come to rely on my strength. I will be your strength. I will be your boldness. I will be your confidence. Would you like that? Yes, I would. Let me hear one more of your reasons for not asking for all that you need from me. I’m sorry to say that I have wondered if you would hear and answer my prayer. Wondered? I have doubted that you would hear and answer my prayer. How does that sound to you? It sounds terrible. I ask you to forgive me for not coming to you with faith to ask you for all that I need. You have been and are forgiven. What do you want instead? I would like my faith in you to be strong. I would like to pray bold prayers. I would like to ask for all that I need from you. There is only one way for that to happen. How is that? Start praying those prayers right now. Do you sense that there may be a relationship between your power in life and your power in prayer? I have never thought about prayer that way, until now. Now, is a good time to know that this is true, isn’t it? Yes, it is. What do you want to do differently as a result of hearing from me? I want to give you thanks and praise to you for speaking to me. I want to rejoice in knowing that you are watching over me and caring for my life. I want to begin to come and make known to you all that I need. I want to rely fully on you. I want to pray bold and confident prayers with the knowledge that you will hear and answer me. You will make me bold and confident and strong. You will make me able to do all that you have given me to do for you. Yes, I will as you come to rely on me.

Lord, thank you that I can humbly come and cry out to you. That is exactly what I will do. I will not rely on my own strength and abilities. Instead, I will rely on you. You hear and answer my prayer. You make be strong and bold as I follow and serve you. Amen

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