The Counselor, The Holy Spirit

Discipleship Devotional Study Guide - Promises - Day 291 - John 14:23-27 - The Counselor The Holy Spirit - Growing As Disciples

Discipleship Devotional Study Guide – Promises – Day 291 – John 14:23-27 – The Counselor The Holy Spirit – Growing As Disciples

Jesus replied, “If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching. My Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him.  He who does not love me will not obey my teaching. These words you hear are not my own; they belong to the Father who sent me.  “All this I have spoken while still with you.  But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.  Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. John 14:23-27 (NIV)


Well, I certainly need that. You certainly need what? I certainly need your counsel. Why do you think you need my counsel? To start with, I am not all that wise. Without your counsel, I have and will likely continue to stumble through life, bouncing from one meaningless endeavor to another. Not only am I unwise; I can’t see the future. Sometimes, maybe quite often, the decisions before me appear to be equal, although that is rarely the case. I need you to guard and guide the course of my life. I need you to keep my life on track. I am no fan of taking missteps that I would need to retrace so I can start over. Doing that has wasted a lot of my time and energy. That is true.  Why else do you need my counsel? Life is difficult. Life is demanding. Life is disconcerting. As you already know, and I am sorry to say, it does not take much for me to become discouraged and depressed. I wish that I was stronger and more resilient than I am. I need you to be my strength. I need you to fill me with your power. I need you to revive and refresh and restore me when I become weary and worn out. Then you need me quite often? Yes, I need you working in and through my life, every moment of every day. It is good for you to acknowledge that you need my help. Can I make a suggestion? Yes, of course, I welcome anything you have to say to me. What is your suggestion? Ask for my help. Ask for my power. Ask for me to work in and through your life throughout all the moments of your day. Rely on me to help you. Stop relying on yourself. Will you rely on my help? Yes, I will. That will be very good. Why else do you need my counsel? In this world, my mind is constantly under attack. My mind is a battleground. The world is constantly bombarding me with its thoughts and opinion and values. Without your help, I am likely to think and speak and act like everyone else in the world. What would you like me to do for you? I would like you to take your word and use it like a sword to fight in me, with me and for me so I can resist temptation and fight against evil. I want you to use your word to change my heart, transform my mind and guide my life. This sounds like the prayer of your heart. It is. I will hear and answer this prayer. I will do all that you are asking of me. I will be your counselor and comforter, guard, and guide, and helper as you walk through life with me. Thank you, Holy Spirit. 

Holy Spirit fan the flame of my desire to follow and obey Jesus Christ. Teach me so I will know the will and ways of God. Remind me of everything I have been taught. Powerfully use the word of God to change my heart, transform my mind, and guide my life. Amen 

Key Question…  How is the Holy Spirit teaching you so you can understand the will and ways of God?

Living It Out…  Rely on the Holy Spirit to comfort and counsel, guard and guide you through life as you love, follow, and obey Christ.

Seeing It Happen…  Have faith that the Holy Spirit will be with you to help you, to follow and obey Christ throughout your life.

Get Ready To Share…  Share with another person or your small group how the Holy Spirit has been with you to help you throughout your life.

Prayer To Bless Others…  May you rely on the Holy Spirit to be your comforter, counselor, and helper as you love, follow, and obey Christ.

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