Work For Nothing

Discipleship Devotional Study Guide - Promises - Day 253 - Philippians 2:14-16 - Work For Nothing - Growing As Disciples

Discipleship Devotional Study Guide – Promises – Day 253 – Philippians 2:14-16 – Work For Nothing – Growing As Disciples

Do everything readily and cheerfully—no bickering, no second-guessing allowed!  Go out into the world uncorrupted, a breath of fresh air in this squalid and polluted society. Provide people with a glimpse of good living and of the living God. Carry the light-giving Message into the night so I’ll have good cause to be proud of you on the day that Christ returns. You’ll be living proof that I didn’t go to all this work for nothing. Philippians 2:14-16 (MSG)

My Work 

Your work is to go out into the world. Do everything without arguing and complaining. No whining. No engaging in disputes. Have a good attitude. Live a clean life in thought, and word, and deed. Then you will be blameless and pure. You will live as my child. You will show yourself to be one of my followers. You will be different. You will stand out. You will shine like a star in the universe in the darkness of this world. Others will be drawn to me because of the witness of your life. They will get a good glimpse of me when they look at you. They will see my life being lived out in and through you. How does all this sound to you? This sounds like the desire of my heart. This sounds like the goal and purpose of my life. This sounds like my passionate and persistent prayer. That is very good.

Just as others have invested their time and talents and resources into your life, do likewise. Just as others have spurred you on in your faith, do likewise. Just as others have labored so that you could come to know and love and follow and serve me, give yourself to the same work. You can spend your life in no better way. This is the way to bear fruit for my kingdom. This is how you bring glory to my name. This is how you will store up treasure in heaven with me. This is how you will know that you will never work for nothing. Will you do this? Will you do all that I ask you? Will you give yourself tirelessly to my work? Yes, Lord, I will do all you ask of me. I will joyfully give myself to your work. I will not grow weary. I will not become tired. I will not give up and quit. You seem quite confident. My confidence is in you and not in myself. You will make me able. You will keep me moving forward with you. You will help me to accomplish your work. Yes, I will. You can be sure of that. Thank you. Lord.

Lord, I am at your service. Use me for your purposes. Just as others have invested in my life so I could come to know, love, and follow and serve you, use me likewise. Help me to spur others on in their faith. Help me to shine as an example that others can follow. Amen

Key Question… Who will be living proof that you have wisely invested your life in the spiritual well-being of others?

Living It Out…  Invest your time and talent and resources in others in ways that will help them to become vibrant followers of Christ.

Seeing It Happen… Have faith that the Lord will use you to help others to become bright and shining witnesses for Him in the world.

Get Ready To Share… Share with another person or your small group how the Lord is using you to help others to grow in their faith.

Prayer To Bless Others… May you invest your life in others in ways that will help them to grow in their faith.

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Philippians 2-14-16 – Promises – Day 253 – Work For Nothing – 4 Page Discipleship Devotional Study Guide

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