May Approach God

Discipleship Devotional Study Guide - Freedom - Ephesians 3:12 - May Approach God - Growing As Disciples

Discipleship Devotional Study Guide – Freedom – Ephesians 3:12 – May Approach God – Growing As Disciples

In him and through faith in him we may approach God with freedom and confidence. Ephesians 3:12 (NIV)

Into My Presence

The way has been opened. The dividing wall has been broken down. The chasm has been bridged. There is now no barrier. There is now no separation. Nothing is preventing you from coming to me. My Son, has forgiven you of all your sins. My Son, has cleansed you of all your unrighteousness. He has redeemed your life. He has set you on new course. He has given you a new life to live. You are now acceptable in my sight. You are now welcome in my presence. You have been adopted into my family. You are my child. I am your Heavenly Father. I am calling you to come to me. Do you hear my call? Do you have my desire? Do you long to be in my presence? Do you want to know me? Do you want to be known by me? Do you want to come into my presence? Do you want to live in an intimate relationship with me? Yes, Heavenly Father I want what you want. I have your desire. I want to live in an intimate relationship with you. That is very good.

Like a famished beggar, I hunger for you. Like a dessert crawler in search of an oasis, I thirst for you. Like a heart broken lover, my heart aches for you. Yet, I am not starved. I am not dehydrated. I am not unloved. You have lavished me with your love. You fed my hunger. You have satisfied my thirst. You have not withheld any of your goodness from me. You have shown me every kindness, extended to me every mercy and filled me with your love in limitless abundance. Yet, somehow, I cannot get enough of you. I cannot spend too much time in your presence. I cannot receive too much of what you want to give me. You fill me with desire for you. You keep drawing me back to you. I cannot give you enough adoration. I cannot praise and thank and worship you enough. I cannot bow down deep enough. I cannot raise my hands in praise high enough. I want to stay longer. I want to know you more. I want to be known by you more. It is my delight to rest in your presence. It is my joy to know you and be known by you. That is very good.

I will bring my confession to you. I will bring my intercession to you. I will bring my petitions to you. Guide our conversations. Help me to hear all that you want to say to me. Give me thoughts to think. Give me feelings to feel. Give me words to speak. Give me prayers to pray. Yes, I will. Help me to live in an intimate relationship with you. Help me to live and walk in a constant dialogue with you. I am your child. You are my God and Father. I am so thankful that I can live and walk with you. I can always come into your presence to be with you. Yes, you can. Yes, you will.

Lord, thank you for making it possible for me to enter God’s presence. I will make it the priority of my life to make time to enter His presence. I will joyfully express worship, confess sin, give thanks, pray prayers of intercession and petition as I meet with Him. Amen

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