All The Days Of My Life

Discipleship Study - Life - Psalm 23:6 - All The Days Of My Life - Growing As Disciples

Discipleship Study – Life – Psalm 23:6 – All The Days Of My Life – Growing As Disciples

Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever. Psalm 23:6 (NIV)

Following Him

Who am I and what have I done for you? You are my Good Shepherd. You have led me through life. You have met all my needs. When did I become your Good Shepherd? I think you became my Good Shepherd even before I acknowledged and was ready to accept the fact that I was a lost sheep. I was wandering through life. I was getting beat up, bruised and battered by life.  I was living my life without you. I was walking on a path that led away from you. Yes, you were. You sought me out. You pursued me. There was no place that I could wander that you weren’t watching and waiting for me to turn to you. Yes, I was. 

You did turn to me. You did acknowledge me as your Good Shepherd. You did give your life to me. Yes, I did. What did you need when you turned your life over to me? I needed forgiveness and cleansing of my sin. I needed healing and restoration. Yes, you did. Where did I bring you so that your soul could be restored? You brought me into quiet places where I could meet with you in your word. You allowed me to rest in your presence. You allowed me to taste and see your goodness. You fed my hunger and satisfied my thirst for you. You refreshed, restored and filled my soul. Yes, I did.

What has happened to you as you have remained in my presence and met me in my word? You are changing my heart and transforming my mind. You have set on fire a flame of desire within me to want to do what pleases you. You have given me new thoughts to think and new feelings to feel. I want to know and love you with all my heart, mind, soul and strength. I want to live the life that you have called me to live. I want to go where you guide me to do what you ask of me. That’s very good, isn’t it? Yes, it is my joy to know and love you.

Your life has not been all joy and sunshine since you have started following me. No, it hasn’t been. I’ve gone through many ups and downs and twists and turns in life. I have experienced pain and suffering, joy and sorrow. I have had powerful enemies and great friends. I have had amazing victories and devastating defeats. I walked in the light and through the darkness. Yes, you have. I have never been alone. You have always been with me. You have been my comforter and guide. You have given strength. You have been my fortress and deliverer. You have taught me to rely on you. You have shown me that I have nothing to fear. Yes, I have. 

What are you sure of as you follow me? I know that your hand is on me. You are blessing my life as I follow and serve you. Yes, I am. Your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life. Yes, it will. I can and will live in your presence both now and forever. Yes, you will.

Lord, thank you for being my Good Shepherd leading me through life. You have been with me in and through all the ups and down and twists and turns in life. You have shown me your love, restored my soul, protected me and met all my needs. Amen

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