God Intended It For Good

Discipleship Devotional Study Guide – Life - Genesis 50:20 - God Intended It For Good - Growing As Disciples

Discipleship Devotional Study Guide – Life – Genesis 50:20 – God Intended It For Good – Growing As Disciples

You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. Genesis 50:20 (NIV)

A Dream

You have a dream don’t you? Yes, I do.  Where do you think that your dream came from? It certainly didn’t come from me. Why do you say that? I’m sure that the dream that I have came from you. Why is that? The dream that I have is to bear an abundance of fruit for you. I want you to use me for your kingdom and your glory. That dream could have never started with me. Why is that? I would have never dreamed up something like that on my own. I would never have desired that without you placing it in my heart. You have a very good point. I understand why you are so certain about the origin of your dream. You are right, by the way, that dream of yours did originate with me. I’m very glad that you have embraced it as your own. Yes, I have embraced it as my own. That dream burns in my heart to be fulfilled. I ache with desire for you to use me in your service. Aren’t I using you right now? Yes, you are, but I sense that there is more. What I have been experiencing has seemed like preparation for something more. I think you want to use me more fully in some larger way. Yes, I do, you can be sure of that.

You’re anxious aren’t you? Yes, I am. You are a little discouraged? Yes, I am. Why is that? I have had so many twists and turns and ups and downs in life. I have had one trial and setback after another. I have begun to wonder if the dream that you have given to me will ever be fulfilled. Are you beginning to doubt me? No, I don’t doubt you. I think I am beginning to doubt myself. I have been wondering if I have heard you correctly. I have been wondering if you really will be able to use me for your purposes and in your plans. Do you think my ability to use you depends on you? Now, that’s an attention getter of a question. No, your ability to use me depends on you, not me. That’s right don’t ever forget that. You have been waiting for me to use you is that right? Not really. What have you been doing? I have been going wherever you have directed me. I have been doing whatever you have asked of me. So, you haven’t been sitting around waiting for me to use you, is that right? No, I have been busy doing whatever you have given me to do. Yes, that’s right and that’s very good. Have I have been using you everyday? Yes, you have been using me everyday. But, you sense that I have much more for you. You know that I have some larger purpose and plan for your life, is that right? Yes, that’s right.

You said that you have gone through twists, turns, ups, downs, trials and setbacks, is that right? Yes, that’s right. What have all those detours, trials and setbacks felt like to you? They have felt like preparation. It feels like you have been teaching me to rely on you so that I can persevere through every difficulty. When you look back over your life up to this point what do you see? I see that your hand has been on me. You have used every twist, turn, up, down, trial and setback to teach and strengthen me. Do you want me to stop teaching you? No, I don’t. Do you want me to stop preparing you for the work that I have for you? No, I don’t. Can you be thankful for every twist, turn, up, down, trial and setback that I have been able to use for good in your life? Yes, I can. Do you believe that I will accomplish my purposes and plans in your life? Yes Lord, I do. That’s very good, because I will.

Lord, thank you that you can even use evil that people have done to me to accomplish your purposes and plans in my life. Help me to persevere through every setback in life on the way to you accomplishing your plans in my life. Amen

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