Pleasing To The Lord

Discipleship Devotional Study Guide - Wisdom - Proverbs 16:7 - Pleasing To The Lord - Growing As Disciples

Discipleship Devotional Study Guide – Wisdom – Proverbs 16:7 – Pleasing To The Lord – Growing As Disciples

When a man’s ways are pleasing to the LORD, he makes even his enemies live at peace with him.    Proverbs 16:7 (NIV) 

At Peace

Do you wonder if your ways are pleasing to me? Yes, I do. Why is that? You are God and you are perfectly holy. I am not perfect. I am far from perfect. I am a sinner in need of forgiveness. At least you are headed in the right direction with your thoughts. What do you mean by that? You were headed toward the topic of forgiveness, weren’t you? Yes, I suppose I was. You are right that you are not perfect. You could never make yourself perfect. Any attempt to try to make yourself perfect is not really pleasing to me. Why is that? If you could make yourself perfect, would you need or want me? If you were able to make yourself perfect, then I made a huge mistake. I really doubt that. What kind of mistake could you possibly be talking about? I sent my Son to die as payment for your sins so that you could be made perfect in my sight. I see. Do you really? Maybe not, based on your question. If you are continuing to work at making yourself perfect, aren’t you telling me that my Son’s death was not enough and that you must add to His work? I never thought of that before. Yes, if that was what I was doing, then that is what I would be telling you. We both have used that word “if”, haven’t we? Yes, we have. Tell me why you used the word, “if”.

I’m not trying to make myself perfect, not anymore. You once did, didn’t you? Yes, I really didn’t understand all that you did for me on the cross. I didn’t know that you forgave all my sins there and made me acceptable and pleasing in your sight. But now you do, don’t you? Yes, I do.

What has my love for you done for you? Your love for me has changed me. How so? I have grown to be in love with you. I no longer do anything for or with you because I think I should or must. You don’t? No, I don’t. Everything I do with or for you is motivated by my love for you. I love you with all my heart, soul and mind. I love you with all that I am and hope to be. It gives me great joy to love and follow you. I am filled with praise and thanksgiving knowing that you love me more fully and perfectly than I could ever love you. I feel so full of your love that I think I could explode. That won’t happen, do you know why? Yes, I think that your love overflows my life and spills out to others. Yes, it does and it will continue to do so. One more question. Go ahead. Do you still wonder if your ways are pleasing to me? No I don’t because I see your love flowing out of me to others. Yes, it is. My love will cause even your enemies to live at peace with you. They will want what you have. What I have? Yes, you. My love flowing through you will draw others to me.

Lord, help me to think, speak and act in ways that please you. Use me as your witness in this world. Help me to show your love, grace, and mercy even to my enemies. Help me to live in peace with all those who have wrongly used or hurt me.   Amen

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