Fruit That Will Last

Discipleship Devotional Study Guide - Identity - Fruit That Will Last - John 15:16 - Growing As Disciples

Discipleship Devotional Study Guide – Identity – Fruit That Will Last – John 15:16 – Growing As Disciples

You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit–fruit that will last. Then the Father will give you whatever you ask in my name.  John 15:16 (NIV)

Appointed You To Go

I understand that you would like to bear fruit for me. Is that true? Yes, it is. You do know that apart from me you can do nothing? Yes, I do. But I didn’t always understand what you meant by that. What part of nothing is hard to understand? There are things that really look like something now but will ultimately be worth nothing in light of eternity. That’s what I wasn’t understanding. Now you do? Yes, I have accomplished quite a lot of nothing. Now I want to bear real fruit that will last for all eternity. Let’s talk about this some more. What do you think it means to abide in me?

Abiding in you describes a close and intimate relationship with you. How close? Close enough to talk back and forth with you about anything and everything. That doesn’t sound too difficult. I think you are kidding me. Why is that? Everything in life seems to pull me in every direction away from you. I’ve spent my whole life running around in circles trying to respond to whatever seemed to shout for my attention. You do know that I will never shout for your attention. Yes, I know. What drew you to me in the first place? I’d had enough. I was weary and worn out. Life was not working out as I had hoped. In desperation I cried out to you. I asked you to come into my life and you did. I’ll bet you thought that you chose me, didn’t you? Yes, I did. How about now? Now I know that it was you who chose me. You were watching and waiting for me to respond to your call. I had to be ready to hear and listen to your voice. The desperation I was feeling made me ready. That’s funny how that works, isn’t it? Not really, but I know what you mean.

Do you think it’s possible to be one of my followers and not abide in me and not bear everlasting fruit? Yes, I do. Ever since I’ve had this new relationship with you as my Savior and Lord, I’ve let life run me around in circles. I haven’t drawn near to you. We haven’t had much back and forth conversation together. You mean prayer, don’t you? Yes, that’s what I mean. What do you think you’ve missed because of your life of prayerlessness?

Ouch, I don’t like how that sounds. Neither do I. My prayerlessness has made it so I couldn’t hear your instructions. What instructions? Like “Go”. What do you mean by that? If I’m not listening, how will I ever hear you say “go” there and bear fruit. I’ll just sit around or race off in a hundred wrong directions. Yes, you will. I know because I have. But things are much different for you now, aren’t they?

Yes, you have drawn me to you. I hunger to be with you. It is my delight to meet with you in prayer. There is no place I’d rather be. I have tasted of your goodness. In your presence, I have fullness of joy. I am so thankful that you have given me this burning desire for you. You are now ready to bear abundant fruit for me. Listen carefully for my instructions. I will soon say, “Go” to you. You will then bear fruit for me and be able to ask the Father for whatever you need to do so.

Father, I have no greater desire than to serve you and to bear fruit for you and your kingdom. Help me to abide in Christ so that I will flourish and be able to bear abundant and lasting fruit for Him. I ask this in His name.   Amen

Key Question…  What kind of eternal and lasting fruit has the Lord been able to bear through your life?

Living It Out…  Draw near to the Lord and abide in Him so that you will be able to bear lasting and eternal fruit for Him.

Seeing It Happen…  Have faith that the Lord has chosen and appointed you to bear lasting and eternal fruit for Him.

Get Ready To Share…  Share with another person or your small group where the Lord has had you go to bear lasting fruit for Him.

Prayer To Bless Others… May you live and walk in an intimate relationship with Christ so that you are able to go and bear fruit for Him.

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