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Discipleship Devotional Study Guide - God's Will - John 9:31 - He Listens - Growing As Disciples

Discipleship Devotional Study Guide – God’s Will – John 9:31 – He Listens – Growing As Disciples

We know that God does not listen to sinners. He listens to the godly man who does his will. John 9:31 (NIV) 

Heard And Answered

Do you want to pray prayers that I will hear and answer? I see some hesitation on your part. This is not a hard or trick question. It is a simple question. I noticed that you did not say it has a simple answer. No, I did not. Of course, I want to pray prayers that you will hear and answer. What kind of prayers will you not hear and answer? That is a very good question that I will let you answer. I thought you might say that. You will not hear and answer prayers that are outside of your will. I may ask you for something that might not be good for me. I may ask for something that might take my life in the wrong direction. I might ask for something well before I am ready to receive it. I may even ask for something that will never be inside of your will for you to hear and answer. That’s true.

How will you begin to know what prayers are inside and outside of my will? How will you know when to ask for what you need from me? I will only know how and when to pray by living in an intimate relationship with you. You will speak to me as I listen attentively to you. You will give me prayers to pray. You will place good and right and pure prayers on my heart. You will bring prayers to pray to my mind as I love, follow and obey you. That’s right. What has the potential to hinder your ability to hear from me? What might even hinder your desire to come to meet with me in prayer? What might lead you to pray for what is completely outside of my will. If my heart and mind and life are wrapped up in the things of this world I might not even think to pray. If I am filled with pride and self-sufficiency I might feel no need to pray. If my life is entangled in sin my prayers will no doubt miss the mark. I will almost certainly pray for what is outside your will. That’s true.

What is a good way to start your prayers? What will you do as you begin to pray to me? I will humble myself before you. I will come to rely on you. I will confess my sins to you. I will ask you to forgive and cleanse me of all my sin. Will I hear this prayer? You will always forgive and cleanse me of my sin as I confess it to you. Yes, I will. As you humbly confess your sins and come to rely on me, what will you be ready to do? I will be ready to listen to you. You will be ready to listen to me. You will give me prayers to pray that you will hear and answer. Yes, I will. 

Lord, I don’t want anything to hinder my prayers. I don’t want sinful thoughts, words, or deeds to make it so you cannot hear and answer my prayers. Forgive and cleanse me of all my sin. Give me prayers to continue to pray as I love, follow and obey you. Amen

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