I Am Carrying On A Great Project

Discipleship Study - Identity - I Am Carrying On A Great Project- Nehemiah 6:3 - Growing As Disciples

Discipleship Study – Identity – I Am Carrying On A Great Project – Nehemiah 6:3 – Growing As Disciples

so I sent messengers to them with this reply: “I am carrying on a great project and cannot go down. Why should the work stop while I leave it and go down to you?”   Nehemiah 6:3 (NIV)


You already know what I am going to say to you, don’t you? I doubt it. Your thoughts are so much higher than mine. How could I possibly know what you are going to say to me? What I want to say to you is not new to you. I have been trying to get your attention on this topic for quite some time. I have used so many others and different ways to try to speak to you about this. Just now it’s coming into focus for you. What’s that? You need to tell me. I’m not sure exactly what you mean, but you have my full attention.

I have given you work to do for me. Yes, I know. It could be called “a great work” could it not? Yes, it surely could. I’m actually amazed at the enormity of the work that you have given me to do. It is a large assignment. But, you will have all the help you need from me to accomplish it. So, is there something about this “great work” that I have been missing? Yes, there is. What is it?

Have you ever heard someone say, “You need to find your voice”? Yes, I have. That message was from me. Finding your voice is a way of saying, “become who I want you to be and then do what I ask you to do”. Aah, I see. Do you? What I want you to understand is that there are many good things that will attempt to distract you from the “great work” that I want you to do for me. That’s been happening to me a lot. Yes, I know. I want you to stay “on task” and continue to do the “great work” I have given you to do. Don’t set it down for something else that seems good to you. I get it. Not yet, you don’t.

Let me ask you a question.   Go ahead. What does a newborn lion sound like when it roars? I suppose it sounds like a little kitty. Yes, that’s exactly right. As you continue to grow up in me and do what I ask, you will find your voice. Now, you sound like a little kitty. But one day you will roar for me and my glory. I will? Yes you will, if you follow me and let me work through you on the work that I have given you to do for me. I get it. Not yet, you don’t.

Let me give you another example. I’m listening.   You have my full attention. You’ve heard about the concept of focused light?   I think so. That has also been a message from me to you as well. It has? Yes, it has. You know that a focused light has power like a laser? Yes, I do. You also know that an unfocused light has very little power? I can see where this is headed. Where is that? You want me to focus on you and the work you have given me to do. You don’t want my life to be distracted or diminished by anything, even if it seems good to me. Now, you get it! I do? Yes, you do.

But let me ask you a test question. Go ahead. What are you going to do when someone asks you to do something that will cause your work for me to stop? I am going to say “the Lord has given me a ‘great work’ to do for Him and I cannot leave it and let the work stop.” See, you really do get it. Did anything of what I have just said to you surprise you? No, not really. It’s just now that all the pieces have really come into focus. Yes, they have. Follow me and continue to do the work I have given you to do. Yes Lord, I will.

Lord, thank you for giving me gifts, talents, and abilities to serve you. Help me to know the work you want me to do for you. Prepare and strengthen me for your service. Help me to not be distracted and so I can keep doing the work. Amen

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