Humble Yourselves

Discipleship Devotional Study Guide - Character - 1 Peter 1:5-6 - Humble Yourselves - Growing As Disciples

Discipleship Devotional Study Guide – Character – 1 Peter 1:5-6 – Humble Yourselves – Growing As Disciples

Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. 1 Peter 5:6 (NIV)

 Due Time

I have lived a backwards life. What do you mean by that? I have thought that life should revolve around me. I have thought that I should be the center of everyone’s attention. I have tried to earn the notice, respect and admiration of those around me. I have chased after honors. I have sought after awards. My pride has led me to seek the esteem and the applause of the crowd. That sounds like an exhausting life to live. Have you ever received enough recognition? Have you ever been able to satisfy your pride filled empty life? No, I have worn myself trying to prove to myself and to others that I was somebody special.

Now, I want to live a completely different kind of life. What kind of life do you want to live? I want to live a life that revolves around you. I want you to be the center of my life. I want my heart and mind and life to be focused on you. I want to know your will and walk in your ways. I want to love you with all my heart and mind and soul and strength. I want to know you intimately. I want to hear your voice. I want to receive your guidance. I want to follow your direction. I want to go where you guide me. I want to do all that you ask of me. I will humbly follow you. I want to accomplish your purposes and fulfill your plans. I want to do what is pleasing in your sight. That’s quite different from your old life. Yes, it is.

What has brought you to this point? Your old life was filled with pride. Your new life is filled with humility. Your old life was spent serving yourself. Your new life is being spent serving others. I discovered the poverty of my old life. I have discovered the riches of the new life you have given to me. In my old life, I could accomplish nothing of real and eternal value. In my new life, you are making me able to bear fruit for your kingdom and bring glory to your name. In my old life, I proudly tried to elevate myself before others. In my new life, you are helping me to humble myself before you. In my old life, I was worn out, discouraged and empty. In my new life, I am energized, excited and full. You have brought me to this place. You have given me this new life to live. Yes, I have and in due time you will be lifted up as you continue to humbly serve me. 

Lord, I have been filled with pride. I have thought I was a big deal and quite special. I have thought a lot of myself and very little of others. Forgive me. I will humble myself before you. I will rely on you for all I need. I will allow me to use me to serve others. Amen

Key Question…  May you walk humbly with God so that He can exalt you in due time.

Living It Out…  Live a life of humility so that the Lord can exalt you in due time.

Seeing It Happen…  Have faith that the Lord will you exalt you in due time as you live your life humbly before Him.

Get Ready To Share…  Share with another person or your small group how you are humbly following and serving the Lord.

Prayer To Bless Others…  May you live a godly life filled with prayers that the Lord will hear and answer.

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