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Discipleship Devotional Study Guide - Be - Hebrews 5:11-14 - Teaching Others - Growing As Disciples

Discipleship Devotional Study Guide – Be – Hebrews 5:11-14 – Teaching Others – Growing As Disciples

There is much more we would like to say about this, but it is difficult to explain, especially since you are spiritually dull and don’t seem to listen. You have been believers so long now that you ought to be teaching others. Instead, you need someone to teach you again the basic things about God’s word. You are like babies who need milk and cannot eat solid food. For someone who lives on milk is still an infant and doesn’t know how to do what is right. Solid food is for those who are mature, who through training have the skill to recognize the difference between right and wrong. Hebrews 5:11-14 (NLT)

Be Trained

I would like to be able to teach others all that you have been teaching me. I would like to say that I have made progress. I want to continually be making progress as your follower. What kind of progress are you interested in making as my follower? I will tell you one thing. What’s that? I don’t want to be dull of hearing. What will you do about that? I know that the world and all that is in it would like to make me dull of hearing. All the passions, lusts and desires of this world have the potential to make me dull of hearing and slow to listen to you. I don’t want that to describe my life. How do you want your life to be described? I want to be one of your followers who listens attentively to everything you want to say to me. I want there to be no question about my listening to you. I want your word to dwell in me richly. I want to think your thoughts. I want to be able to know and do your will. I want to grow mature in you. I don’t want to remain an infant. Those are all good desires.

How will you grow mature in me? What will you do differently because you want to hear all that I want to say to you? How will you make yourself fully available to me so that I can teach and train you? How will each one of your days look different because you want to make progress as one of my followers? I will set apart a time and a place to meet with you every day. I will withdraw from the noise and busyness of the world so I can hear from you. I will meet with you in your word. I will let your word dwell in me richly. I will allow your word to change my heart. I will allow your word to transform my mind. I will allow your word to guide my life. Then you will be trained. Then you will grow mature. Then I will be able to use you to go and do whatever I ask of you. You will be ready to be used in my service.

Lord, I will eliminate from my life anything that will make me dull in hearing you. I will make myself fully attentive to your word. I will listen very carefully to all that you want to say to me. Make me mature and ready to be used by you. Train me for your service. Amen

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