Overlooks An Offense

Discipleship Devotional Study Guide – Wisdom – Proverbs 19:11 – Overlooks An Offense – Growing As Disciples

A man’s wisdom gives him patience; it is to his glory to overlook an offense. Proverbs 19:11 (NIV)

Overlooks An Offense

Well, I haven’t done this, that is for sure. What haven’t you done? I haven’t overlooked an offense. I haven’t let something go when someone has harmed or hurt me. I have kept a record of every wrong that has been committed against me. That is a problem. This is no small issue. You might say that this is a very big deal. How so? You tell me, I am sure that you know by now. Yes, I do. Holding on to hurts only hurts me. If I don’t let go of a hurt it will only continue to wound me. I will never move on. I will never be healed. I will never be made whole. That’s true. What else? If I don’t let go of hurts or overlook offenses I will not be able to be a bright and shining witness in the world for you. Why is that? It is the way of the world to hold onto offenses to hold on to hurts and never overlook offenses. That kind of behavior is nothing like the example you have set for me. How so? You overlooked offenses. You did not hold on to hurts. You were always ready, willing and able to forgive others not long after they hurt you but even while they were hurting you. Yes, I did. Do you want to be like me? Yes, I do. I want to be able to love like you loved. I want to be able to live like you lived. I want to be able to forgive like you forgave. That is very good. That is very important. Why is that so important? You know the answer to that question as well. Let me hear your answer. If I want to be forgiven of my sins, then I must forgive others who sin against me. I must be one who overlooks every offense that has been committed against me. That’s right.

I tell you one thing. What’s that? I need your help. I need your wisdom. I need your patience. I don’t have the wisdom and power and strength in me to wisely and patiently overlook every offense. I desperately need your help. Is that your prayer? Yes, that is my prayer. Do you believe that I will hear and answer this prayer of yours? Yes, I believe. I have no doubt in my mind. Yes, I will hear and answer this prayer of yours. I will make you able to wisely and patiently overlook every offense so you will be a bold and bright witness for me in the world. Thank you, Lord! 

Lord, I have been unwise and impatient. I have not usually overlooked an offense. I have kept a record of wrongs committed against me. Forgive me just as I will forgive others. Use me as your witness in the world as I overlook offenses committed against me. Amen

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