Forgiving Each Other

Discipleship Devotional Study Guide - Character - Philippians 4:32 - Forgiving Each Other - Growing As Disciples

Discipleship Devotional Study Guide- Character – Philippians 4:32 – Forgiving Each Other – Growing As Disciples

Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you. Ephesians 4:32 (NIV) 

Forgiven And Forgiving 

Do you want to be like me? Will you do for others what I have done for you? Do you want to be my witness in the world? I want to be like you. I want to do for others what you have done for me. I want to stand out from the crowd. Yes, I want to be a bold and bright witness for you in the world. Then you will need to do what others, in the world, will not do. You must be willing to do what is difficult. I’m not sure what you are asking of me. Can you be more specific? Yes, I can be very specific. 

You have been mistreated. Others have harmed and hurt you. You have ben spurned and rejected and betrayed. Is what I am saying true? You know that all you have said is true. I have some deep wounds and painful memories. What have you wanted to do to those who have harmed and hurt you? To be honest, I have wanted to get even. I have wanted revenge. I have wanted to pay others back for the pain and suffering that they have caused me. Would that help you in any way? Would that make you feel better? Would healing come into your life by paying back evil with evil? Would you be completely free of anger and bitterness because you took revenge and got even? No, I can see that there is no benefit for me to pay others back for the wrongs they have committed against me. That’s right. Seeking revenge and paying back evil with evil is what happens in the world. If you want to pay others back for the wrongs that they have done to you, you will never be a witness for me in the world. That would not be good. I desperately want 32to be a bold and bright witness for you in the world. Yes, I know you do. 

There are some other things that I know you want. Like what? You want to become like me. You want to know my will and walk in my ways. You want to live like I lived. You want to do what I did. You want to bear fruit for my kingdom and bring glory to my name. Am I right? Yes, I want all these things as well. Then you must forgive others just like I forgave you. Can you forgive others? Will you forgive others? Yes, I will forgive others just like forgave me. Then you will be like me and that will be very good. 

Lord, thank you for forgiving me of all my sin and cleansing me of my unrighteousness. Help me to have your attitude of compassion and kindness toward others. Help me to forgive others just as you have forgiven me. Use me as your bold witness in the world. Amen

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