Present You Holy In His Sight

Discipleship Devotional Study Guide – The Sacramental Life - Day 352 - Colossians 1-21 -23 - Present You Holy In His Sight - Growing As Disciples

Discipleship Devotional Study Guide – The Sacramental Life – Day 352 – Colossians 1-21 -23 – Present You Holy In His Sight – Growing As Disciples

Once you were alienated from God and were enemies in your minds because of your evil behavior.  But now he has reconciled you by Christ’s physical body through death to present you holy in his sight, without blemish and free from accusation–  if you continue in your faith, established and firm, not moved from the hope held out in the gospel. This is the gospel that you heard and that has been proclaimed to every creature under heaven, and of which I, Paul, have become a servant. Colossians 1:21-23 (NIV) 

That Was Then, This Is Now

That was then. This is now. What does that mean? I was once alienated from you. I was thinking and speaking and acting as your enemy. My behavior was evil in your sight. I was living for my own comfort and pleasure. I was walking on a road that led away from you. I was self-centered, self-indulgent, and self-sufficient. I didn’t think I wanted or needed anything or anyone. I especially had no time for you. I know this to be true, even though it is difficult to say and hard to acknowledge. My life was fully immersed and engaged in the darkness of this world. How did you enjoy that life? I didn’t. It is true that the wages of sin is death. I was being paid in full. My thoughts, and words and actions led to brokenness. I was experiencing pain and suffering. I had hit rock bottom. I had reached the end of my rope. I was stuck in the muck and the mire that was my life. I was without hope in the world. That sounds quite bleak. It was very bleak. But you would not let me go. You would not let me live a life without you. You allowed me to hear the Gospel. You allowed me to receive the Good News of your salvation. You forgave my sin. You cleansed my unrighteousness. You presented me to God, without any spot or blemish. I was free from any accusation. You helped me to turn my life over to you. You turned my life around. You gave me a new and fresh start. This is now. I am continuing to live the life of faith that you have given me to live. I am walking through life with you. I am living in an intimate relationship with you. I am following you to where you lead me. I am doing what you ask of me. I am allowing you to use me. Where am I leading you? What am I asking you to do for me? How am I using you? Just as the Gospel of your salvation was held out to me, so also, you want me to hold it out to others. You want to speak though me so that others can hear the Good News of their salvation. You want to use me to help others to come to know and love and follow and serve you. You want me to become a servant of the Gospel. Yes, I do. Will you allow me to use you in this way? Yes Lord, I will. That will be very good. Thank you, Lord.

Lord, I was once living as your enemy. My thoughts, words and actions were evil. How amazing it is that you helped me to hear the Gospel of my salvation. Thank you or forgiving my sin, cleansing my unrighteousness, and presenting me Holy in God’s sight. Amen

Key Question…  How did Jesus Christ make it possible for you to hear and receive the Gospel of your salvation?

Living It Out…  Allow the Lord to use you as a servant of the Gospel so that it can be proclaimed throughout the world.

Seeing It Happen…  Have faith that the Lord will use you to help others to come to know, love, follow, and serve Him.

Get Ready To Share…  Share with another person or your small group how you are now helping to proclaim the Gospel to others.

Prayer To Bless Others… May you become a servant of the Gospel proclaiming it to others.

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